Frequently Asked Questions

A debt collector is a company or individual who attempts to collect outstanding debts due to a 3rd party organization, for example, a bank or credit union.

All debt collectors must register with the Council for Debt Collectors in order to operate. Failure to register before collecting a debt is a criminal offence.

The Council monitors the actions of debt collectors ensuring that their actions comply with the code of conduct for debt collectors and further ensuring that they charge only those fees allowed by the Act.

They have the right to contact you for the payment of a debt and to charge the prescribed fees for the work done in collecting a debt.

The right to obtain legal advice before signing anything. In the legal world your signature on a document like for instance an acknowledgement of debt can have serious financial consequences.

– To be treated with dignity at all times.

– The right to confidentiality.

– The right not to be contacted before 6 in the morning or after 9 in the evening, or on a Sunday.

– The right not to be harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or threatened.

– To receive a statement should you request one free of charge once every six months.

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